The Recognizable Name

Founded in 1946, JBL has established itself as one of the most recognizable name in audio technology, bringing their distinguished sounds to homes and professional audio systems.

Available Series

Forest Hill is a distributor for JBL in the South Klang Valley region of Malaysia and has made available both the Consumer and Professional series.

JBL Consumer Series

The JBL Consumer Series produces audio equipment for the consumer home market. We offer wireless speakers and a wide range of home audio solutions such as loud speakers, home theater speakers and subwoofers . For more information:

JBL Wireless Speakers
JBL Home Audio

JBL Professional Series

The JBL Professional series produces professional audio equipment for studios, stage, cinema and also custom installation. For more information on models available:

JBL Portable Live Sound
JBL Recording & Broadcast
JBL Installed Sound