Great Sounding

We select to represent only the best in class, brands that have won numerous awards and receive universal acclaims from consumers and professional reviewers alike.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A wide range of design to suit your taste and environment. From bold and beautiful to subtle and calm, none compromising the quality of sound it produces.

We represent the following brands:

  • Bowers & Wilkins

    Established in the UK in 1966 by John Bowers, B&W have designed and produced multiple award winning speakers… Read On

  • Q Acoustics

    Q Acoustics products is very straightforward. Well known for the best value for money in the high end speaker arena…. Read On

  • Lenco

    Lenco Playlink redefines a new digital audio dimension, designing speakers that are part of the connected house of tomorrow… Read On

  • Cubeplus

    Malaysian made speakers optimized for vocals with easy setup and installation.

  • DALI

    Dali with it’s roots in Denmark are driven by a raw passion for music and its honest reproduction in the domestic environment.

  • JBL

    Founded in 1946, JBL has established itself as one of the most recognizable name in audio technology for the home and professionals… Read On

  • FBT

    Since 1963, FBT designs and manufactures highly professional audio products, with the aim of improving sound quality… Read On

  • KEF

    Innovation is what sets KEF apart. It’s why we were founded, and why we’ve always attracted some of the world’s… Read On

  • Heco

    HECO is a brand name that represents a rich and long tradition in German speaker production…

  • Elipson

    With more than 50 years in the speaker industry, Elipson is offering a range of product that will suit your need…