Technology driven

dbx has a rich heritage in producing cutting edge audio system technology, from it’s pioneering dbx noise reduction system to the new loudspeaker management system, you can depend on us.

Available Series

Forest Hill is a dbx reseller for Seremban, located at the South Klang Valley region of Malaysia and has made available the DriveRack Processors and Equalizer series.


When the pros need an EQ, they turn to dbx. With a proven track record of ruggedness and reliability, dbx EQ’s are widely known as the industry standard at all levels. They just work, in the studio or on the road. The respected dbx heritage includes over 30 years of experience, patents, and awards, and these EQ’s maintain that tradition of excellence. For more information:

dbx Equalizers


The DriveRack® series are a diverse group of processors that provide control of equalization and loudspeaker management. Used and appreciated in every kind of venue, from houses of worship to big-name world tours, the DriveRack series are the most popular loudspeaker management systems. For more information:

dbx DriveRack